spectrophotometer calibration

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spectrophotometer calibration

Hi everybody

I want to perform an absorbance calibration for a spectrophotometer with band width of 8nm.

My standard solution is copper sulphate acidic solution.  Does anybody know how to define the acceptable range of absorbance for this instrument?

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According to a New Zealand

According to a New Zealand Accreditation Technical Guide I found by googling "spectrophotometer absorbance calibration", for 20.0 g/L of copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate in 1% H2SO4, the absorbances at different wavelengths are:
600 nm    0.068
650 nm    0.224
700 nm    0.527
750 nm    0.817
The guide states that these values are suitable for instruments with "narrow bandwidths of less than 10 nm," so it seems like suitable for your purposes.

Rajiv Dua
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Nice information...thank you

Nice information...thank you jwpa