Small microwave

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Small microwave

I am looking for a small microwave for EPA 3051 metals or used. Any suggestions?

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I know this old, but if you

I know this old, but if you are still looking then I would check LabX and I would also suggest checking your State Surplus. All states have at least one State Surplus facility where all of the surplus equipment and materials from all government owned facilities go to be auctioned or sold off. It may sound odd to think that a state surplus would have a lot of lab equipment but when you consider all of the municipalities have their own water plants and wastewater treatment plants, then you can understand that they all have laboratories. That adds up to a lot of government run environmental labs in any given state and you know how the government loves to spend money. As a result they always end up with surplus equipment and they always replace their equipment pretty frequently (whether it really needs it or not) and so the old equipment that still functions (many times it is in very good condition) ends up at these state surplus facilities.

Another place is (Look under the laboratory equipment section)