Replacement of GC detector

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Replacement of GC detector

We have a GC-2010 SHIMADZU with a FID detector. I have spoken to the technical people from shimadzu and they told me i could not install a electron impact detector on the excisting instrument and if we wanted this detector we need to buy a new one. People (analysts) whos been in the business for 20 years told me its nonsense and it can be done. Does any of you know about a someone who's done it and where i can get a second hand detector, because shimadzu obviously would not sell me one.

thank you   

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Given enough money and time,

Given enough money and time, you can connect anything to nearly anything.  However, it may not be efficient or cost-effective.
I'm not certain what you mean by "electron impact detector" for GC.  You may be referring to a GC/MS combination using an electron impact ionization chamber.  Yes, this can be done and was done - in the late sixties or early seventies, I believe.  As doctoral work.  You can do it, but you'll invest a lot of time getting it reliable and robust.  And you'll probably spend more money than a new and more versatile instrument would cost. 
If "electron impact detector" means electron capture detector, yes, you can buy one from VICI - or at least, you could a couple of years ago.  And I assume it isn't too difficult to connect, given a heated transfer line.
I'm afraid I can't give you advice on where to get second-hand instruments;  I've bought used HPLC equipment from ebay, but not within the last decade.  
Good luck