Looking for specific vial racks

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Looking for specific vial racks

 I do testing to EN71-3 (migration of certain elements from toy materials). It involves simulating digestion of toy materials in stomach acid, and I use a wrist-shaker in an oven set at 37 degrees.

I have a couple of peg racks, which hold the sample vials in place, which is clamped on to the shaker, but I'm having trouble sourcing some more. They were bought before I started as chemist here and no one can remember where they were from.

They have 36 pegs, which are about 50 mm high. They hold 24 glass vials (26.25 mm outer diameter), but they are held in place with a bit of thick corrugated card to hold them a bit more tightly.

Anything else that would hold 20+ vials and could be clamped to a regular lab clamp should work, too.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/info.