Determination of IPA by FTNIR

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Determination of IPA by FTNIR

I have been using FT NIR (Perkin Elmer make) for different purposes. I have trying to develop a method for the determination of IPA content in tablet blends by using FTNIR. I am unable to get a satisfactory respeonse for IPA. I doubt whether i am using a right technique for measurement? Can anubody help in directing me to the right method?

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To carry out IPA determination i think you could try doing it using FTIR since IPA gives sharp Infrared Peaks.
for quantification you could use Beer's Law.
PerkinElmer has a special inbuilt software for quantification.along with the Spectrum 100 FTIR.

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You could also use gas

You could also use gas chromatography, if you have a GC in your lab.