Connecting Shimadzu RID-10A refractive index detector to Agilent HPLC

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Connecting Shimadzu RID-10A refractive index detector to Agilent HPLC

Has anyone connected a Shimadzu RID-10A refractive index connector to their Agilent HPLC? We are trying to do so so using an Agilent 35900E analog/digital convertor to interface between the Shimadzu detector and the HPLC. Our chemstation software is  revision B.01.03 [204].  Now for the gory details...
We have the modules connected as follows:
From the 35900E A/D convertor we have a cross cable running from the G1369A LAN interface to our Netgear ethernet switch. We also connected a cable from the 'remote' terminal on the 35900E to the remote terminal on our G1367A sampler. Finally we have a cable from the 'A' Analog port on the 35900E that connects to the remote connector on the Shimdadzu RID-10A.  The 3 wires from this cable connect to the +, -, and shield terminals on the back of the RID-10A.
These are the physical connections we've made so far.  We’ve also installed the Agilent Bootp Server and configured the IP addresses for both the 1100 Chemstation and the 35900E A/D converter. We have given the A/D C an IP address per the Agilent instructions however when we turn on all the accessory modules and the Chemstation we are not able to communicate with the A/D C. The 'grayed out' icon for the A/D C does show up in the method and run screen.  The A/D C icon does not show up in our list of configurable modules.
We are not certain if the BootP program is running properly.  There is no Bootp icon in the system tray when we start up the computer.  If we try to run the bootpwin.exe program manually, we receive the error “The WinSock bind function failed with: 10048”. When I try to ping the attached devices, there is no response for the IP address configured for the 35900E.
Can anyone tell us if we have the modules connected properly, and if there is a problem with the BootP Server?


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I hope you figured out your

I hope you figured out your problem by now,  if not then I might be able to give you some guidance.  From your description, you are using a crossover cable from the 1369 card over to the swtich.  You need to replace that with a standard ethernet cable.  You only need the crossover if you are connecting it directly to a computer.    As for Boot P.  I believe that with the B version of the software, Agilent went from Boot P Server to Boot P service.  Boot P service now runs in the background of windows and you will not see it on the task bar at the bottom of the screen.  To check the status of Boot P in Windows XP is to click start, right click on my computer, click on manage,  click on services and application, click on services.  From that screen you can start, stop, or restart Boot P.  Just an FYI from my experience with Boot P services.  When you assign an IP address or make a configuration change within Boot P, you might want to go into the services window and stop/ start the service.  Many times I have found that the changes will not take effect until this is done or you reboot the computer.

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