Buchi Distillation Unit and 2 Labconco Micro Digesters

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Buchi Distillation Unit and 2 Labconco Micro Digesters

We have one Buchi B-323 Distillation unit (with glassware) as well as two Labconco micro digesters (with glassware) in great condition and working order that we are looking to sell on a "best offer" basis.  There is nothing wrong with any of the equipment, we simply do not have a need for it.  I tried to attach documents with photos and details but the files will not upload properly.  So, if you are interested or know of someone who may be then email me and I will send you the photos and answer any questions. 

Link to a picture of the type of digester we have.  Ours look just like this and come with all of the glassware shown in this picture.  Again we have two of these set ups:


Link to a picture of the type of Buchi Distillation unit that we have.  Ours is in much better condition than the one pictured here:



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I am interested in the Buchi

I am interested in the Buchi B-323 unit you have listed. How much are you asking for it?