Bioanalytical Assignment

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Bioanalytical Assignment

Hello all,
I'm taking a bioanalytical chemistry class in college, and as part of
the class we are required to come up with some sort of experiment to
test for an analyte in samples using either LC/GCMS, UV-vis, NMR, or
I really have no idea what sort of samples I could analyze and for
what analyte. Does anyone have any ideas for a good research project/

Rajiv Dua
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You can try it with Proteins.

You can try it with Proteins....

Dr. Analytical
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Any pharmaceutical product

Any pharmaceutical product would be a candidate, including all the over-the-counter medicines - acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.  They are typically assayed to verify the amount on the label.  This can be done by either LC or absorbance (UV-VIS).  IR is usually used for qualitative purposes, such as veriying the identity of a substance.  NMR could be used also, but it is less common.

If you are required to analyze actual biological samples, then you could try these assays in urine.  There are many published procedures.