Agilent ICP-MS 7700 (auto)tune values

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Agilent ICP-MS 7700 (auto)tune values

I am relatively new to ICP-MS technology. So far, nobody was able to answer my question, not even our tech specialist. And even when I asked Agilent about this, they just told me to turn on our tech specialist.

What I am wondering is in the first place what is the difference between performance and tune report? I assume that values In Performance Report are some kind of general system optimization and Tune Report values are optimization of the system for specific batch. 

The question is, what should the values be in my Performance Report and later in Tune Report-after creating a new batch. I found some values from agilent for various models, but what do these values apply to - are these values recommended values for Performance Report or Tune Report?

Because you actually tune the machine in 2 steps - first step is when you select various parameters in startup configuration (torch axis, plasma correction, lens tune, resolution/axis, ...) and generate Performance Report. In the second step you tune the machine after you create a new batch, which Generates Tune Report for this batch. 

So, for which tune are these values provided by Agilent? 

If anyone is working on the same machine, what are your counts in Performance and Tune Report for Li7, Y89, Tl205 and what conc. of tuning solution are you running on?