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Please help.

I have recently encounted a 'new' situation. A range of standards were prepared in EC media (std A). Standard B was prepared in another media type but incorporated around the mid line. It was within acceptable limits but is it common practice to mix media types in curves that will analyse samples in EC media? It just happens that the 2 media types were similar but would there be an effect on accuracy if one used ASTM for example?

Also, if you ran environmental test samples with algae, would you always filter before running? I am of the opinion that if you didnt the algae would get stuck in the column.

I would appreciate any advice.

Dr. Analytical
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I am sorry that no one ever

I am sorry that no one ever replied to this message.

Most viewers here are chemists, so we may not completely understand the details with the "media."  Can you give us more details?

In general, you prepare standards in a solution that is like your samples only if you have problems with the solution interfering with the analysis (matrix effects).  Usually, you would want to prepare standards in solvent only.

You should filter all solutions before you inject them.