Glycerol determination by HPLC

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Glycerol determination by HPLC

Is it possible to determine glycerol by HPLC if i don't have RI detector?
And if it is, how?

I am using Sunshell Hilic amide column that should be able to determine glycerol but for now i didn't have any luck.
(work conditions are 210nm, flowrate of 1ml/min and T = 50C)

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Analytical
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Determining glycerol is possible but not easy under these conditions. 

An RI detector would be much better and absorbance, as the absorptivity at 210 is going to be minimal.  If you have a clean system, you could try 205 nm.

Also, what are your column dimensions and mobile phase?  Is the problem that you see no peaks or you do not get any retention?

Among other things, you should reduce your column temperature.