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Welcome to the Environmental GC & GC-MS Forum

Welcome to the Environmental GC & GC-MS forum.  And, if you are a new member, welcome to scientistsolutions.com.  We are building a unique community of scientists from around the world, with the goal of connecting every scientist!
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thanks so much for useful

thanks so much for useful info

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I am new to the industry, I am trying to learn EPA methods for Volatile organics, (method 624 and 8260B.  I have an Tekmar atomx Purge and trap Agilend 7890A GC and 5975C MSD.  I have been having issues passining the initial calibration, RSD% are not below 15%, not am able to consistantly do continueing calibration. 


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First, I would suggest that

First, I would suggest that you repost in the main than under the "Welcome" section. I suspect that most folks will miss your post down here.

Second, when you repost, are there specific compounds that are giving you problems. Are you just bringing the system online for this application or was it running fine and then has become problematic.


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if you are a new member, welcome to scientistsolutions.com.  

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