Copper analysis using copper lines for Argon??

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Per Jensen
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Copper analysis using copper lines for Argon??

DearI'm just moving to a new building with our new ICP-MS iCAP RQ and will amongst others be analyzing for Cr, Co and Cu. To carry the Argon gas from the basement to our lab at the 2nd floor copper lines for medical gasses have been installed.Will that work? Or will I get contamination form the lines? How can I check that I don't?Best regardsPer Bo jensen

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samuel miller
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I think you are good to go with those pipes. But still, to prevent any losses, I would suggest you get a monthly check-up on these pipes. Because no matter how great the quality is but things could still happen to it. I remember when I was in the middle of my hnd assignments writing and I faced this same issue. It was so hard for me to get it fixed in the middle of my work.