Waters: empower 2 chromatography software on Windows7

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Waters: empower 2 chromatography software on Windows7

 As Waters stop supporting Empower 2 software on windows 7, It was a big problem in my organization to install empower 2 on windows 7 computer, after research and some modification of empower installtion package now i am able to install it on windows 7 computer without any issue. If any buddy needs help on how to do that, contact me on 832-303-0494

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It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to know how you accomplish this since the oracle loader is different for Emp 2 & 3. Can you share how you were able to accomplish this?

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Can you give me details of

Can you give me details of your workaround please.

Regards John

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Hi can you please give me

Hi can you please give me details on how to accomplish this?

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empower 2

hello, I would be interested about this procedure. Could you please send it to me? Thanks a lot

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How to Re-install EMPOWER on WIN 7

PLEASE let us know what to do to migrate from WIN 2k with EMPOWER to WIN 7 32bit EMPOWER. How to Re-install EMPOWER on WIN 7Hi, we had an WIN 2k system where we upgraded Millenium 32 to EMpower . Now I would like to kwow how I can transfer the EMPOWER system to a new PC. We have the Millenium 32 KEY DISK and the EMPOWER upgrade CDROM (and the sealed EMPOWER 2 Upgrad package). Can anyone here figure out what I have to do for 1) uninstall the Licence from WIN 2k  and  2) install it on new WIN 7 PC (32bit)and if it does not work how to transfer the licence again back to the old win 2k system

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Top sap consulting companies

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