Identification and assay for sodium

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Identification and assay for sodium

1. sodium bicarbonate
2. sodium cabonate
3. citric acid
It use as effervescent powder - dissolve 1 sachet in water

How I can iden and determine for three active ingredient ???
I think when i dissolve it in water,it occur chemical reaction

sodium carbonate + citric acid  -----> sodium citrate + water + carbon dioxide (g)
sodium bicarbonate + citric acid ----->  sodium citrate + water + carbon dioxide (g)

identification / Assay ---->
1. sodium
2. citric
3. carbonate
4. bicarbonate
       --------------> I want to know difference method to iden of  carbonate and bicarbonate (if have a water in reaction)
 if it a solution , Sodium ion from sodium carbonate  and bicarbonate , How i can analyze it ???
or I can analyze finished powder before dissolve water ????