I want a career in photography

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I want a career in photography

I want to study photography but my parents are against it as they think this is not a stable career for me. I have got a list of some institutions in Bangalore from Gradoptions.com offering full time courses in photography. Should I apply for these courses without informing my parents? Plz guide me on what to do.

Arvind Singh Pundir
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Dear Pirambora,

Dear Pirambora,
first of all i will say thanks for asking guidance, but  i think its not the right place to post your querry , anyways i will sugest whatever you do take your parents in confidence it seems you at present dont have any source of income, if that is right then how will you fulfill the financial requirement of your course without informing your parents, i will suggest you to discuss it with your parents and tell them the future goals of this profession , they will certainly agree seeing your utmost interest in this field so try your level best to take your parents in confidence...............Good Luck

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If you have a camera and a

If you have a camera and a good lens or two then I would just start taking pictures in your free time. Get used to modifying them in Photoshop and send them to media companies who can sell them on to newspapers etc. (Freelance) You have to know what type of picture sells to which customer (just like in any business).
Enter competitions and post them (in reduced format and with a watermark) on the web (eg. Flickr.com). If you are already good or show potential then you will get noticed. You need to build up a portfolio and select one or two types of photography that you are especially good at. Some people have an eye for certain pictures or a sixth sense for situations that might yield a good picture.
If you are interested in photographing people, then try weddings. Ideally for people you know and do it in addition to a professional photographer - then you can compare your pics with those of the profi. A good way to pick up some useful tricks.
Always carry a good compact camera around with you so that you are able to take quick snaps. You may decide to revisit the scene with a quality camera and tripod at a better time of day (better light, fewer people, more interesting clouds etc). You need to be persistent and patient to get really high quality pictures, especially now that almost anyone can afford to buy a good dSLR camera.
I'm not sure that I would recommend taking a photography course at all. On its own it will not make you a great photographer.

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I can suggest you a website that pays you in the form of points for selected images which can then be redeemed for flyer miles or shopping vouchers. Even if you are not a professionaly trained photographer, practice can make you a good photographer

Jitendra Sinha
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 Hi Priambora

 Hi Priambora
I would like to advice you to read articles at these pages. In India if you want a phography caeer in Science then you should contact Govt of India bodies like HRD and DST. If trying for abroad, then need to google for that. Its interesting career but lots of competetion and less salary in starting. Check out about the salary also.
Tutorials can be found at http://www.geofflawrence.com/ and www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials.htm

john lie lie
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I voted you for your photography career

I think you need to discuss this matter with your parents and tell them about photography sector.In this time photography sector increase his demand day by day and it's more profitable occupation.I voted you for your photography career .But you need to knowing about photography retouching and color correction