Cyanide and BOD automation

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Metalman 694
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Cyanide and BOD automation

I was wondering if anyone out there is using or have used an instrument to measure total cyanide using the Kelada-01 method.  If so, what instrument and manufacturer do you use and/or recommend.  I also have the same question for a robot to read BODs.  We do a ton of BODs everyday and are starting to look into automating the read process.  What instrument manufacturer and model would you recommend?  Thanks for you help.

Arpit Kakkar
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BOD incubators

Mostly BOD incubators are made up of thick PRPC sheet and heavy gauge stainless steel to protect it from rust and maintain the insulation of the device. To ensure the maximum efficiency of carbon dioxide, there is a gap between two chambers which is filled with high mineral glass wool. These incubators also come with HEPA filters that maintain the environment of a chamber and limit the exposure of unit with dust and other toxic particles. It also maintains humidity and ventilation levels.