Derivtization of Salts

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Derivtization of Salts


I have one amine compound AMP, It is derivatized by Benzoyl Chloride. But when we use AMPS and try to derivatized it by Benzoyl chloride , it could not. AMPS is its sulfated salt. I want to know from u why this is not occur.
 I already attached the structure of both compounds.

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Do you know if AMP reacts at

Do you know if AMP reacts at the amine or alcohol functional group?  The alcohol is missing AMPS, which would explain your results if the reaction is at the alchohol.

Also, if the AMPS is in the acid form, the acid may interfere with the reaction.

You did not supply information on your derivatization conditions, but usually you need to use a base to trap the acid that is formed in the reaction.  Pyridine is one option.  Also, you could try benzoic anhydride, which might be more reactive.
Did you heat the solution?  How long did you allow for reaction?