detection of gliosis in the retina

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detection of gliosis in the retina

i am doing new experiment based on gliosis induced by kainic acid intraperitonial injection and collect eye samples from the eye ................. i want to know how to confirm that gliosis happend in the retina and cornea, just i want to confirm so that  I can go on to next step of my work
please if any one have idea about that reply me
thanks in advance

Arvind Singh Pundir
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 Dear Fady,

 Dear Fady,

the querry posted by you is not the area of my interest but i can help you by giving reference to a paper published, having topic related to your querry hope it will help you in some way

Molecular Imaging of Retinal Gliosis in Transgenic Mice Induced by Kainic Acid Neurotoxicity