Poll: Mr. Frosty, warm or cold?

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Poll: Mr. Frosty, warm or cold?

Can you help me with an ongoing discussion:

Do you use Mr. Frosty at room temperature or pre-cool it to 4º when preparing chilled samples before putting it into the freezer?  Either way, why is that your preference? 

Thanks,  JES

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I actually keep my Mr Frosty

I actually keep my Mr Frosty at -20 so that the cells freeze very rapidly and are less susceptible to DMSO cytotoxicity.  The cells then go straight into the -80 overnight then into liquid nitrogen or -150 the next day.

I guess it's personal preference.

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I usually precool it to ~4dC,

I usually precool it to ~4dC, also add freezing medium at 4dC to minimize protease action. Following that, it goes to -80dC o/n (where the device supposedly works at the 'optimum' rate of 1dC/min temp reduction), before removal from Mr Frosty and transfer to lN2.

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Hi I keep Mr Frosty at -20

Hi I keep Mr Frosty at -20 for a day before using for cryopreservation purpose. 

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We just started trying this

We just started trying this new product:
Claims to require no pre-cooling, and requires no isopropanol.

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You are talking about

You are talking about CoolCell, a new cell freezing container, that does require no alcohol, no maintenance and no pre-cooling.  Check it out at http://tinyurl.com/yh8b69k

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 I always precooled my

 I always precooled my Misters Frosty (the plural) to 4C and added 0C freezing medium to the cells.  Cells often sat on ice for a bit if I had a lot of tubes at the same time.

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Jason King
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I've been following a number

I've been following a number of these Mr. Frosty versus Isopropanol-free systems threads and the one disadvantage I can see with the latter  is that they only have enough space for 12 cryovials. The Isopropanol containing Mr. Frosty products that I use have space for 18 but this is also not really enough.

So to any product developers out there - design a foam based cooler that hold 30 vials and costs under $90. We'd probably buy 10 immediately! Also, for ease of storage in -80 freezers, they would work better if they were square and not round as this wastes precious space.

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I totally second that - and

I totally second that - and if they happen to fit in the width of a standard freezer rack/box so that they can be neatly sloted between racks.... freezer bliss ;)

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i drive a hummer myself -

i drive a hummer myself - space trumps environment - more hazard but more space - if they could just make one that is bigger and needs no gas and fits into my garage that stores a lot of things i havent used in 50 years