Winter Conference on Brain Research

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Winter Conference on Brain Research


The first "WCBR" was organized by neuroscientists from UCLA and was held at the University of California conference center near Lake Tahoe in 1968. There were ~60 attendees, and the meeting was oriented mostly towards behavioral neuroscience and electrophysiological recording. Now our meeting includes ~500 neuroscientists from all over the world who work in a wide variety of fields. The format includes over 80 posters and 84 panels and workshops. The aim of panels is for experts in a specific field to provide a broad overview for a general audience. Workshops are more focused and are aimed at discussing specific issues in a given field. Posters represent an individual's scientific contributions. The meeting provides a unique opportunity for you to catch up on new developments in fields outside your own, meet and interact with long-time colleagues, and develop new collaborations in a casual setting.
The week begins on Saturday night with the opening reception. The opening breakfast on Sunday features a Keynote speaker. Other special events include:
1) the school outreach program, in which WCBR participants bring neuroscience to the local elementary, middle, and high schools;
2) a town meeting, which features a talk for area residents;
3) a Mountain lunch and a Smitty Stevens Memorial (NASTAR) ski race;
4) the WCBR business meeting; and
5) the annual banquet featuring live music, awards and some wild and crazy neuroscientist dancers!
We have an especially dedicated group of volunteer officers, board of directors, and committee chairs who work throughout the year to ensure that this is a successful meeting with a broad and interesting scientific program.
Pre- and post-doctoral students and junior faculty are encouraged to apply for our travel fellowships.
Exhibitors are welcome! Come to the meeting to present equipment, supplies or books throughout the meeting there are many opportunities to engage the WCBR attendees during afternoon breaks and scientific poster sessions.
Abstract Submission Form :
Full details and information at

Contact Information
Michelle Chappell
Phone: 217-333-2880
Fax: 217-333-9561

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The whole program of this

The whole program of this conference is very good which includes certainly a full conference along with montain lunch, ski race and banquet with 'crazy nsc. dancers'. That seems really interesting. I never heard such kind of announcement.