HgCl2 or NaN3?

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HgCl2 or NaN3?

I need a poison to perserve organic acids from decomposition by bacteria in water samples.
I find that  NaN3 (sodium azide) or HgCl2 can be used through seeking from research papers.
But i  find that NaN3  solid matter can explode when it is shocked , hitted or heated.  And HgC l2
is easy to volatilize to poisonous gas. They are too dangerous to be taken by a plane.
How can i take one of them to collcet water samples thousand kilometers away from my lab?
or can you introduce a better poison to me?

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Hi Daxiongmao

Hi Daxiongmao
The easiest way will be to purchase either of the two from the location where you are going.
In case if that is not possible, prepare a stock olution of soium azide ( which is toxic and fayal at 10mg/ kg body weight but doesnt carry the hazard of explosion etc. )