siRNA specific for one allele of a gene

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siRNA specific for one allele of a gene

I am wondering if it is possible to design an siRNA that will only knock down one allele of a gene.  Basically, I have a heterozygous mutation and I want to knock down the mutant and leave the wild-type intact to see the effect.  Is this possible? If so, how would one go about tackling this?


Ivan Delgado
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Hi G-nome,
The simple answer to your question is: yes, you can use a siRNA to knock down your mutant and leave the wild type intact. The trick is designing the siRNA. One good place to start is to follow Ambion's siRNA design guidelines. Note that they recommend starting with at least 2 to 4 siRNAs. In other words, design multiple ones since the only way to maximize your chances of getting the silencing you are hoping for is to try multiple siRNAs. 
Good luck