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I need to buy a HPLC system, we going to work with micelles prepared by dialysis the purpose is taxol delivering. What HPLC system you recomend to me to buy? Please contact me if you need more details

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Dear Madam,

Dear Madam,

Please refer to this link http://www.zhdanov.ru/classified-catalogue/manufacturers-and-suppliers/ion-chromatography-equipment-instruments-systems-ie.htm . You may find some good guidance. I would also like to advice you that please go through the recent research articles from where you can find which instrument scientists around the world are using for the purpose you want.


Dr. Analytical
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There are many choices in

There are many choices in equipment, but I think the best manufacturers are Agilent, Waters, and Dionex.

Agilent has the best technology for general HPLC work. Their equipment is very reproducible, if you maintain it properly. Waters has the most popular software in the pharmaceutical industry (Empower). Dionex has the most powerful software for chromatography (Chromeleon). I think you would have success with any of these. You should get some experience with each system and the software, and then make your decision. And you do not need UPLC for your analysis.

Also, it is very important that you also get training for all operators. I visit many different labs, and the biggest problem people have is that they do not understand HPLC, they do not understand their software, and they do not know how to troubleshoot problems. They fail because of poor training. Don't let that happen to you.

Venugopal Narne
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I am using Dionex U3000 with PDA detector and i used shimadzu LC2010,  both Shimadzu LC2010, Dionex U3000 is very nice and the software Chromelion is also easy to use which is 21 CFR Part 11 complience tool,
I have a small doubt about that what is ur analyte of interst it is taxol or miscelles with taxol if it is taxol i know how the analysis will takes place but if it is miscelles with taxol how we can analyse by HPLC, i am very curious to the analysis procedure. As you know size of the miscelles are not allow to pass through the gell of the coloumn results in to high back pressure to pump.
If it is not a probleum please let me know the analyte of interest and analysis procedure.
With Regards,

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agilent, waters, shimadzu

agilent, waters, shimadzu have good systems.......
however i will recommend you purchase the system from agilent and the columns from dionex..... we use c-18 column from dionex and agilent 1100system.
biorad column is also good but the overall ratings  I will prefer dionex only...
Let me know with more details as to what are your particular requirements  from the system and then I may be able to help you more.