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Help with stimulation electrodes

Hello everybody, i am trying to setup an electrophysiology recording unit in my lab, to be able to record field potentials from rodent hippocampal slices. However, i am facing a lot of difficulty in selecting the appropriate stimulation electrode for my purpose in terms of its impedance, tip diameter, shaft length, metal, and other related details. i am highly confused and have tried to look at existing papers where in such work has been done, but it has not been of any great help.
Please help me out with this.

Dr. Analytical
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Your issue is outside the

Your issue is outside the usual realm of analytical instruments, so I'm not sure we will be able to provide much help. Have you checked the other forums?

I will pass your information around, and hopefully someone will respond quickly.

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Thank you Dr. Analytical,

Thank you Dr. Analytical, thanks a lot.

Fraser Moss
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Our lab has studied LTP in

Our lab has studied LTP in mouse hippocampus by stimulating the medial perforant path by bipolar stimulating electrodes fabricated from Formvar-coated Nichrome wires (50 um bare diameter; catalog #762000; A-M Systems, Carlsborg, WA). I think the impedance was about 5MOhms.
Stimulating and recording electrodes are positioned in the suprapyramidal limb of the dentate gyrus in the middle one-third of the molecular layer to stimulate and record dendritic field EPSPs (fEPSPs). Recording electrodes (2–6 MOhms) are pulled from borosilicate pipettes (catalog #1B150F-4; WPI, Sarasota, FL) and filled with aCSF. Stimulating electrodes
are placed~200um from recording electrodes. Responses are recorded on an Axoclamp-2A amplifier (Molecular Devices), amplified 1000X, low-pass filtered at 3 kHz, and digitized at 10 kHz.

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Thanks a lot Frasermoss. the

Thanks a lot Frasermoss. the information provided by you will definitly be of help to me in selecting the appropriate electrodes for my work. thanks again.