chorionic villi tissue preparation for LSD enzyme estimation

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Pallavi Mishra
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chorionic villi tissue preparation for LSD enzyme estimation

Dear sir
we are doing enzyme estimation in chorionic villi sample for various metabolic disorder diseases. At present we have culturing method(Ref.Methods in cell science. 2003 25(3-4).149-154 ) for processing CV tissue. But we want protocol for preparing CV sample without culturing it, a direct method. Pls let us know how to process CV tissue in enzyme activity estimation. Plz help.
Thank you

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Evaluation of lysosomal

Evaluation of lysosomal enzymes in uncultured and cultured chorionic villi and amniocytes
G. Bartalini1, M. A. Margollicci1, P. Balestri1 and A. Fois1
(1) Institute of Clinical Pediatrics, University of Siena, Via P. A. Mattioli, 10, 53100 Siena, Italy
Journal Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease
Issue Volume 11, Supplement 2 / June, 1988

A method of processing first-trimester chorionic villous biopsies for cytogenetic analysis
K J Blakemore, M S Watson, J Samuelson, W R Breg, and M J Mahoney
Am J Hum Genet. 1984 November; 36(6): 1386–1393
Chorionic villous biopsy is emerging as a technique for obtaining fetal cells for prenatal diagnosis in the first trimester of pregnancy. Chromosome analysis has been performed on small villous biopsies using either direct harvests of uncultured cells or after culturing villous tissue. Here, we describe a method where both techniques can be used simultaneously; from a single villous biopsy, GTG-banded chromosomes of improved morphology are obtained from direct preparations and from cultured villous cells.

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