DataBiNS: a web-based tool for visualization of non-synonymous SNP data

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DataBiNS: a web-based tool for visualization of non-synonymous SNP data

Hi All,

I've decided to share a workflow that I've spent sometime working on.

DataBiNS was originally a custom-designed BioMoby Web Service workflow that gathered non-synonymous coding single nucleotide polymorphisms (nsSNPs) data with structure/function and pathway data for relevant proteins. While the usage of the automated workflow, rather than manual internet surfing, significantly reduced the effort required to retrieve the information, analyzing the data for co-relations between specific outputs was difficult. Further work on DataBiNS has produced a web-based tool that aims to solve the problems of visualizing the retrieved data. DataBiNS can now be accessed through a website which takes an unique identifier input, from numerous sources such as KEGG, Pubmed, and OMIM, and then initializes the DataBiNS workflow in the background. The workflow retrieves scientific data and knowledge from disparate web-based sources, relating to non-synonymous coding single nucleotide polymorphisms (nsSNPs) and then displays it in a format that makes studying the results easier than before.

I've created a web-based interface,, to the workflow so that no software has to be downloaded to use it. Further instructions on how to use the workflow can be found at that location too.

Let me know what you folks think.

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This looks interesting. Could you suggest a good identifier to explore with? The first couple I tried produced no results. It might be a good idea to put in some test examples like this right on the web page so other people get right into something interesting (and know that it is in fact working properly).

Also, could you post the taverna xml so I can try it out on my machine ?