Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Does anyone know what's going on with the FivePrime Therapeutics collaborative research and license agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim to discover therapeutic products to treat rheumatoid arthritis? Perhaps someone can fill me in on some new discoveries that have been made in regards to this autoimmune disease and its' treatments. Thanks!

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Hi, to all. I feel myself

Hi, to all. I feel myself very sad and hard to say about my suffering from rheumatoid arthritis disease. I was also suffering from severe headache, numbness in hands, anemia, hypertension, due to these problems I had to go to number of doctors and take countless medications for six to seven years which made too hard and fed up with them. Due to intake of many medications I suffered with hypertension, black circles around my eyes, hair loss, anemia and many. I twice attempted to commit suicide, but I was saved. All these paved my way to the one more health-upset depression. I was given many injections to head and body due to intake of the medications I became like a dead person. The doctors who treated me always said that it was a strange case and they were trying to find the cure for it. When I visited the Holistic Health Care and Research Center I was unable to speak to the doctor and say about my problems. By seeing the reports the doctor gave me some dietary supplements that were natural. I was afraid to quit my allopathic medications as I had a fear that when these allopathic medications could not cure me what these natural medications would work on me. But with the intake of the medications when I visited the doctor then I came to know that it was he who cured me. After the three weeks of my treatment with natural medications now I am fit as a normal person and do the works on my own like I can walk on my own, eat myself, do the things without support of others. I really now believe that the natural herbal medications work more than allopathic medications without any side effects. These medications have made me a different person and I feel myself great to be cured with these medications. I would suggest people to use these medications as they do not have any harm and cures fast. I and my husband would really say thanks to Dr.K.Rao with the bottom of the heart for making me a normal person. I really think him next to God for curing me and giving me a life. Can find the doctor at this site also www.drraomd.com/