siRNA using NeoFx

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siRNA using NeoFx

Has anyone had any experience using Ambion's new reverse transfection reagent NeoFX? We have had no success using their positive control GAPDH in MCF-7 cells with this reagent. We are not getting any help from Ambion even though we send them questions. Does anyone know any 'tricks' to getting this to work??? We are using Taqman real time to check transcript levels. Occasionally we get a inhibition in an isolated well but nothing is reproducible.

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We have similar problem with

We have similar problem with this reagent for lymphocyte suspension. the transfection obvious is not working. Ambion is still optimizing this reagent but they just can't wait to make money....

We later changed to Gencarrier-1 for co-transfection of siRNA and a GPCR expression plasmid and got very consistent efficiency (~60%) as well as knockdown effect (>80%).