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increasing melanocytes activity

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Topic Started by Justine8181
on 12/20/2010 15:29 PM   
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Many of you might of heard of melanotan injectables increasing melanocytes which leads to both hair and skin darkening.

Of course many of us don’t like the idea of needles and cooling the stuff all the time. So I’ve been looking for alternatives in regards to hair and skin darkening  ( not dyes or sunless tanners) but a darkening that comes from within so you don’t have the roots growing out problem anymore which would be great for redheads for instance

Some of the patents are online and some even come with formulas:


I was wondering if somebody could look into those patents and see what would be best to formulate them ( or one of them). As a private person it’s not easy to contact the patent holders of formulators.

I believe in this and guess it’s promising, so all tips are welcome

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