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Carson O Genic
Member since: Jun 23, 2005
From: California, United States
Status: Stem Cell Biology Moderator
My points: 440    what's this
Name: Carson O Genic

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Apr 27, 2011    08:48 PM

Replied to topic in General forum   A few thoughts on forum/subforum categories

As a developmental biologist and someone who works with stem cells, I find there can be a lot of overlap between the two. One possibility is to expand the Stem Cell Forum to include developmental biology issues as well. Happy to hear thoughts on the matter, pro or negative.

Apr 17, 2011    06:10 PM

Replied to topic in Immunology forum   Cytokine concentrations helpppppp

yes that is a 1:100 dilutions, so 2ul in 200ul final.

Apr 17, 2011    05:48 PM

Replied to topic in Immunology forum   Cytokine concentrations helpppppp

"So if I do a cell culture using 10ng/ml of thecytokine: CiVi=CfVf 100ng/ml *X=10ng/ml*200µl (volume that I will put in the well) So X=2µl so I think that I have to take 2µL from the solution of 100ng/ml" I'm not sure I followed all that, but if you want 200ul of ...

Apr 17, 2011    05:18 PM

Replied to topic in Immunology forum   Cytokine concentrations helpppppp

I agree that you should make the most accurate measurements possible with the instruments you have at hand. Note a 2ul pipetteman is better than a 20ul etc. It is better to do serial dilutions with accurate volumes than one giant dilution in one step. Also, remember that as you dilute you prot ...

Mar 15, 2011    01:24 AM

Replied to topic in General forum   Flow cytometry and sorting

MSC should be much hardier. You may consider centrifugation on a light-density layer (1.077 g/ml, nycodenz or ficoll etc) to remove dead cells and mature hepatic cells. In the bone marrow at least, MSC are generally light -density.

Mar 14, 2011    01:59 PM

Replied to topic in General forum   Flow cytometry and sorting

I'm assuming your trying to sort hepatocytes/hepatoblasts? If so, these cells are quite delicate. Try to limit all those washes and reduce the speed of the centrifuge to minimize the g-force. Plate some unsorted cells to make sure you are actually going to the sorted with viable cells.

Mar 4, 2011    05:50 PM

Replied to topic in Cell Culture and Tissue Culture forum   PBS+ antibiotics

I deal with a similar situation all the time since I collect tissue samples under less than clean conditions. First, I agree that the utility of any antibiotic anti-mycotic is questionable during brief exposure, particularly if you hold the tissues on ice. Nonetheless, I use 100 micrograms of ...

Feb 10, 2011    12:23 PM

Replied to topic in Cancer forum   Choosing the Animal Model

There is a good overview of immunodeficient mouse strains here. NSG mice (stock number 005557 on that site-at the top) are a relatively new strain. Nudes, SCID and NOD-SCID have been around for some time and so the published literature is biased towards these stains. NSG mice are more immunode ...

Feb 9, 2011    08:20 PM

Replied to topic in Cancer forum   Choosing the Animal Model

The best model should be based on the question your trying to answer and the constraints of your working model. From what you wrote, my first question would be if it is even possible to inject those cancer cells in a 'normal' mouse? Are they murine in origin and from a strain you can use in the l ...

Feb 7, 2011    01:33 PM

Replied to topic in Stem Cell Biology forum   BMP4 reconstitution

R&D Systems likewise suggest 4mM HCL with about 0.1% albumin at no less than 10micrograms/ml. I suggest following directions as there is probably a very good reason for doing so.

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