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Member since: Mar 17, 2009
From: Himachal Pradesh, India
Status: Adult Frog
My points: 797    what's this
My Societies: - ZOO OUTREACH
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Oct 13, 2009    09:08 AM

Posted new blog   A lamb with Tetanus

Pic of a lamb suffering from tetanus. Notice the stiffness in his body. Posting a pic of lamb with tetanus...notice the sitffness of its body

Oct 12, 2009    09:34 PM

Posted new topic in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery forum   ptaqilosides

can anyone suggest the mechanism of metabolism of ptaquilosides inside urinary bladder

Oct 2, 2009    06:48 AM

Posted new blog   World Rabies Day

28th September was celebrated as world veterinary day this year at many places worldwide.

Oct 2, 2009    06:46 AM

Replied to topic in Model Organisms forum   New method of specimen preservation...

That's wonderful. Waiting for the pics...

Oct 2, 2009    06:42 AM

Posted new topic in Animal & Veterinary Sciences forum   longeivity of a cockatoo

can everybody tell me about the average life span of a mitchelle cockatoo?

Jul 6, 2009    08:35 AM

Maintenance of Genome Stability Conference 2010 March 8-11 2010, Antigua

Jul 6, 2009    08:23 AM

Replied to topic in The Lighter Side of Science forum   how to write a scientific paper

Hi Satinder the link is not working please edit and post again Thanks

Jul 5, 2009    02:23 AM

Replied to topic in The Lighter Side of Science forum   Axel Hugo Theoder Theorell July 6

Documentary link; See Hugo Theorell in his laboratory at the chemical department of the Nobel Medical Institute in Stockholm. Ba ...

Jul 4, 2009    10:03 PM

Replied to topic in Animal & Veterinary Sciences forum   BSE PM protocl

Thanks Argerine, that I have done but my purpose was to get information from personal experiences of the scientists here especiallt the pics from brain tissue collection.

Jul 4, 2009    01:23 PM

Posted new topic in Animal & Veterinary Sciences forum   BSE PM protocl

Kindly post the protocol for PM and sample collection from BSE cases. Kindly post the pics too if anybody has. Thanks in advance.

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