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Member since: Dec 10, 2006
From: North Carolina, United States
Status: Microbiology & Proteomics Moderator
My points: 412    what's this
Name: [Privacy]

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Mar 23, 2009    10:20 AM

Replied to topic in Mitochondria Research forum   actin in mitochondria

Great! Let us know if you find a good antibody that works in such assays. Varsha

Mar 23, 2009    09:58 AM

Replied to topic in Bioinformatics forum   Finding Signal Peptide Sequences

Hi. There are several tools available for signal peptide prediction. You may also search for your protein in the Signal pepti ...

Mar 20, 2009    04:14 PM

Replied to topic in Mitochondria Research forum   actin in mitochondria

Hi Miri. If you could get antibody to a mitochondrial membrane protein, that could be used for normalisation across samples from different tissues. I am thinking of components of mitochondrial translocase complex (TOM and TIM) which would not change much or leak out from the matrix. Any good affini ...

Mar 20, 2009    04:06 PM

Posted comment on blog   Human Microbiome Project

Hi Rus. Here is the paper.I also got to see some unpublished data in a seminar. You might also like the other ones from the same lead author: http://gordonlab.wust ...

Mar 19, 2009    07:34 PM

Posted new blog   Human Microbiome Project

Microbes occupy a number of niches on the surface of and inside human body. In fact, in an adult human being, microbe cells outnumber human cells 10 to 1. It makes us a supra-organism or a composite of species. The gut microbiome, for example, consists of at least many thousands of bacteria and arch ...

Mar 19, 2009    06:58 PM

Replied to topic in Mitochondria Research forum   actin in mitochondria

A small amount of actin with your mitochondrial fractin may be okay but you cant use it for normalisation. If you are comparing mitochndria from different samples, you would have to use a resident mitochondrial protein for normalization. To show purity of the fraction, use a mitochondria specifi ...

Mar 18, 2009    02:22 PM

Posted new topic in Proteomics forum   Proteomics Workshop & Suymposium Proteomic, Redox and Metabolomic Networks Wed., August 5 - Thu., 6, 2009: "Hands-on" workshop to teach students and postdocs the art and science of proteomics. Thu., August 6 - Fri., 7, 2009: Symposium with presentations from i ...

Mar 18, 2009    02:16 PM

Replied to topic in Microbiology forum   RBPT in the diagnosis of Glanders

Hi Hilltrekker. I was under the impression that glanders is a zoonotic infection of cattle, horses etc caused by Burkholderia spp while Rose Bengal Plate Test or RBPT is performed for Brucellosis in cattle. Could you provide more details in your post? I found this 1917 article in Nature on te ...

Mar 6, 2009    02:44 PM

Replied to topic in Immunology forum   The function of proteasome in immunity

[quote=jws] My first question is that It is well known that proteasome processes the degradation of proteins which facilitate antigen presentation. How can proteasome specifically degrade viral or cancer products without harming the housekeeping proteins? My second question is that how the cells s ...

Feb 25, 2009    11:56 AM

Posted new topic in Proteomics forum   MassMatrix

MassMatrix: A database search program for rapid characterization of proteins and peptides from tandem mass spectrometry data. MassMatrix is a program that matches tandem mass spectra with theoretical peptide sequences derived from a protein database. The program uses a mass accuracy sensitive proba ...

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