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Member since: Dec 10, 2006
From: North Carolina, United States
Status: Microbiology & Proteomics Moderator
My points: 412    what's this
Name: [Privacy]

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Sep 30, 2010    03:17 PM

Posted new topic in Mitochondria Research forum   MItochondria and neurodegeneration

MItochondrial damage or dysfunction appears to be an important component of several neurodegenerative disease such as Alzhimer's. Parkinson's, Nuntington's and ALS. MItochonria are susceptible to oxidative stress as well as damage due to protein aggregation in aforementioned diseases. here are som ...

Apr 8, 2010    08:49 AM

Replied to topic in Protein Detection (Western blots, gels, IP) forum   Maximum blocking time?

I usually block for a minimum of 1 hour at room temp to a maximum of 16 hours in cold room. I have never tried blocking for days in a row. The instances where I had to wait till Monday to do Western blot, I would block my membranes for a few hours on Friday/Sat and then store the membrane in plain ...

Apr 8, 2010    08:41 AM

Replied to topic in Proteomics forum   what happened to my 2D gel?

Your 2D looks fine for a first run. It would help to mention the nature of your sampe and amount of protein loaded. Your sample has a few abundant proteins that you see on the gels. Many of them have post-translational modification (phsophorylation, acetrylation etc) which show up as a series of spo ...

Feb 2, 2010    09:08 AM

Replied to topic in Proteomics forum   2D PAGE of wet plant proteins a problem?

I suspect that your extraction protocol does not remove lipids and/or DNA/RNA from protein samples. I have never run a 2D gel for plant samples but try to follow the protocol in this paper and see if it reduces streaking. ...

Jan 25, 2010    10:18 AM

Replied to topic in Protein Detection (Western blots, gels, IP) forum   Native PAGE Problems in Protein Migration

Hi Prashant, It is easy to test if your protein oligomers have disulfide bonds. Run another native PAGE with your sample. This time add beta-ME or 1mM DTT to one half of the sample and another without. If there were to be disulfides, you would see that your protein bands would run much faster and ...

Jan 16, 2010    05:00 PM

Replied to topic in Microbiology forum   Growth profile

If the bacteria can grow in liquid culture such as Leuria Bertani broth (LB), you can grow the cbacterium in in that broth at a specific temperature such as 37C with shaking. The growth is measured every hour or half by measuring OD (optical density) of the culture. broth, temperature may vary depen ...

Dec 17, 2009    10:17 AM

Replied to topic in Proteomics forum   2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

It is a good possibility that your proteins are not solubilized in the sample buffer. If they are in big aggregates, they would not enter the gel. It is also possible that you are trying to solubilize too much prtein in a small volume of sample buffer so there is not wnough of urea or detergent for ...

Nov 6, 2009    12:54 PM

Replied to topic in Protein Detection (Western blots, gels, IP) forum   problem in stacking gel

I would try washing the wells with distilled water prior to loading to wash off any unpolymerized acrylamide. You can do this by removing the combs and placing the gels in a clean container of water so that the gels are submerged and water enters into the wells. You can place the gels in the run ...

Oct 26, 2009    01:31 PM

Replied to job in Microbiology forum   Microbiology/Fermentation R&D Jobs

Hello. You have to contact the company and not ScientistSolutions. Good luck!

Aug 18, 2009    11:00 AM

Replied to topic in Microbiology forum   herbal anti -acne product

Propionibacterium acne

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