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R Bishop
Member since: Jan 17, 2006
From: California, United States
Status: Administration & Protein Detection Moderator
My points: 1472    what's this
Name: Dr J Rusty Bishop

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Jul 29, 2009    11:08 AM

Replied to topic in Clinical Research - New! forum   Pregnancy Raises Swine Flu Death Risk, New CDC report

Rina, That is an interesting article. I read through the Lancet article and, the data are pretty shakey to me. 34 cases of H1N1 in pregnant women were reported, 11 were hospitalized, and 6 died. The authors imply but don't say this is likely due to a reluctance to prescribe Tamiflu or Relenza ...

Jul 29, 2009    09:56 AM

Replied to topic in Protein Detection (Western blots, gels, IP) forum   STICKY BEADS

Anjie, Im a bit unsure as to what your problem is? When you say you are not getting 100% recovery of the protein agarose what exactly does that mean? Are you unable to transfer the beads to the scintillation vial? Sorry just cant quite get a handle on your question The Bishop

Jul 27, 2009    03:50 PM

Scientist Solutions Vendor show at UC Irvine - Biological Sciences Plaza

Jul 27, 2009    01:58 PM

Replied to topic in The Lighter Side of Science forum   High Speed Gene Sequencing -How it Works? Video

You can just watch it right here!

Jul 27, 2009    09:09 AM

Posted comment on blog   GREEN AND HEALTHY WORLD

So how would you begin to assure people?

Jul 24, 2009    01:20 PM

Replied to topic in General forum   Has this become an HR website ?????!!!!!!!!

So have things improved for you guys?

Jul 23, 2009    08:25 PM

Replied to topic in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery forum   antidiabetic activity of vo(salen)

Here you go Anti-diabetic Effects of Cesium Aqua (N,N′-ethylene(salicylideneiminato)-5-sulfonato) Oxovanadium (IV) Dihydrate in Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats Although I spent a long time studying Type I diabetes and I never found in hard evidence that vanaduim really has any effect i ...

Jul 23, 2009    08:19 PM

Replied to topic in Anatomy and Physiology forum   Cell Freezing protocol

I usually resuspend my cell pellet after trypsinization in cold (ice bucket) 20% serum in my media, then leave them on ice for 5 min before adding an equal volume of 20% DMSO in media, leave that on ice for 5 min, then freeze the cells at -80 in between 2 -styrofoam racks that used to hold 15ml coni ...

Jul 23, 2009    08:54 AM

Posted comment on blog   Joining a scientific forum; My expectations

Perfect! Welcome to SSI. You're expectations are exactly our mission.

Jul 21, 2009    08:18 PM

Replied to topic in Protein Detection (Western blots, gels, IP) forum   SUPERSHIFT

For supershift you can add 0.5 to 1.0ug of antibody to get a final volume of 10-20uL to load the gel. T here are a bunch of EMSA protocols listed in the protocols section. A good non-radioactive protocol is found here Supershift Protocol If you have access to Current Protocols this is a very ...

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