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LIVING WITH NEOPLASIA: cows of my beautiful hills


Beautiful area of Kullu-Manali is a well known tourist spot in India. So many people from India and other countries come here every year to enjoy charming beauty of nature. Many foreigners find it so beautiful and peaceful that they prefer to spend a major span of their lives in the lap of hills of this area.

I also admire and enjoy the every minute detail of the nature here but as a vet I do feel the guilt of not being able to do anything constructive for the cattle suffering from ENZOOTIC BOVINE HEMATURIA. In some belts of Kullu-Manali hills, according to people more than 40% of cattle are suffering from what they call "LONCHA" in the local tongue which means blood in urine or red urine. In technical veterinary language, this condition is known as ENZOOTIC BOVINE HEMATURIA which is a disease of chronic nature characterized mainly by the haemorrhages and neoplasia of urinary bladder leading to anaemia and weakness leading to death in later stages. The cows inspite of their sufferings keep producing calves and milk to nurture us, the bullocks keep ploughing the fields, but me as a vet cannot do anything except for giving them the symptomatic and supportive therapy.

Many factors have been attributed as the causes of this disease including Bracken Fern.


As a vet, it infact deep pierces my heart when I find such cattle and can't offer any effective cure to relieve these innocent animals of their bladder neoplasia.

And as an emotional farmer I pray to god...........................................Kindly send an angel with some magic cure to treat "LONCHA" in the cattle of my beautiful hills. Oh God!! why are these innocent creatures suffering, when everybody else is enjoying the beauty of these hills.



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