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Greetings fellow labratz, geeks, and lovers of minutia!


I hope everyone is doing well out there in Science land. Its been a busy couple of weeks for the team here at SSI.  We are making a ton of great changes to the site to make your science easier and lives a little brighter.  Hopefully you will enjoy the new functionalities and feel of the site.  Many of these changes will be brought on gradually as opposed to one giant change. 

In the mean time, I thought I might give you some stats about our site and our users.

We are currently at 19,500 individual posts to the dicussion boards and closing in fast on 20,000. We'll have to do something special for that 20,000th post. Perhaps a special frog?


Our community is 14,500 strong and growing rapidly.  Thanks for spreading the word about SSI to your colleagues in the labs and science lovers as well.


Our protocol search engine as listed 2572 protocols and is working strong to collate every protocol on the web for you folks to search in one place.


Hopefully, you are taking advantage of our upgraded PubMed Alerts system as well.  Its a pretty great way to stay on top of the literature.


Finally, as you know this site is supported by advertisments, which appear as banners, towers, underlined words, and in our newsletters.  We work hard to bring you advertisements from product companies that can help with your research.  Thanks for supporting these great sponsors! Without them, we couldn't exist!


Straight gels and easy pubs


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