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New Sub-Forum - Good Research Practice


Dear SSI members and guests

We have created a "Good Research Practice" subforum in the General Category, to allow all our members to discuss their issues,share their experiences and give tutorials concerning "Good Laboratory Practice", Lab Safety, and working in an ergonomic lab to reduce repetitive injuries.

As the content builds in this forum we hope you find it a useful resource.  Get posting here now!

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pundir said:

Good and Safe laboratory Practices ! Do we follow them :
Good and safe laboratory practices in science contribute directly to health and environment, had we ever thought for a while what all we discard in science laboratories down the drain will come back to us directly or indirectly and what all precautions and safe measures we apply in our labs are assuring safety of our collegues and ourselves ................to be contd.
here is one of the links to the safety programmes and guidlines followed at some university labs and Instts.


Posted on Jun 05, 2010 02:00 AM

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