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Preparing Histology PPT (power point presentation)


What can I tell you,

For the last couple of weeks I am preparing presentations for first and second year Histology course.

I thought it would be the best if I would start everything from scratch. So, what can I tell you.

It is so time consuming that I estimated each topic to take not more then few hours. No it is expanded to few days.

Yes, there are those topics which are easier and other are more difficult but over all two days to prepare one hour of presentation.

Starting with couple of basic Histology text books and doing a lot of google search.

Hunting for images and asking for copy write permissions.

Now after two moths of preparation I am half way there.

I found it to be so interesting and must tell you that I am looking forward for the reaction of the students. As all of us know they are the target for the lectures. I hope that they would not snore :-)

Will tell you all about it after my first  lecture "Cytology"




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Preparing Histology PPT (power point presentation)

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