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Post Tips - Title


Hi everyone,

This weeks posting tip is about correctly titling your post on Scientist Solutions.  (This assumes you have registered, decided on a forum, and clicked on the NEW TOPIC button.)

Our scientist moderators do their best to reply to topics with all types of titles, but help yourself out by thinking about your topic title before asking and I guarantee you'll get answers faster.

The title of your post is one of the most critical parts in getting answers fast and from the largest possible contingency of scientists.  Why you ask?  First the title tells others exactly what your problem is and entices interest to help you.  Second, the title of your post becomes the URL of your post, effectively make this your webapage on the site regarding your post.  Third, each topic is indexed by search engines placing your post amongst all the webpages in the world that another scientists may be searching for (There are millions of us!)

So heres an example - Lets say you need help chosing a transfection reagent for and siRNA experiment in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

A good title would be - "Best transfection reagent for siRNA silencing in CHO cells"

It is descriptive and tells others exactly what you need help with or are looking for, which in this case is "what transfection reagents are people are working with in CHO cells".  Further, your topic now becomes a definitive webpage to help other scientists find the same answers in the future.

A poor title would be - "Help with siRNA" or "transfection question"

The second title asks the same type of question but will attract little attention from other scientists. 

If you have worries about your title or a language barrier dont be afraid to PM a moderator or simply right a note in the text of the topic asking for help re-naming your topic post. We will do our best to help with spelling errors and the like.

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mchinmoyee said:

Thank you RB, its absolutely true and need to taken care while posting.

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