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Food Poisoning 101


The CDC has released its newest food bourne illness statistics on its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Here are the stats for 2008:

Salmonella: 7,444 cases
Campylobacter: 5,825 cases
Shigella: 3,029 cases
Cryptosporidium: 1,036 cases
E. coli 0157: 718 cases
Yersinia: 164 cases
Listeria: 135 cases
Vibrio: 131 cases
Cyclospora: 17 cases

The report says there has been little signficant change since 2004. The data is based on reults from 10 states and about 20,000 cases. Of course, under-reporting of food bourne ilness is common place. I've had food poisoning many times in my life, and have never gone to the hospital to actually identify the microorganism. Another article on this report focused on the kinds of food that cause the illness. Not surprisingly, chicken was the number one culprit. Also it seems that fruits and vegetables can cause a high number of bacterial illness. Most viral illness from food was caused by dirty hands (chef, waiter etc) and not by a pathogen that resides in the food (I find this especially disturbing).

Remember, wash your hands and handle and prepare your foods correctly.



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