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FEMALE FOETICIDE- a cry of the unborn baby


Tocuhed by the female foeticide, I wrote these words and want to share these with the scientific community here. Kindly pen your opinion and spread the word.


FEMALE FOETICIDE : an aborted female baby's call


Its me, mom

Its me, dad

Its me, granny

your baby speaking from the wastebin

your female baby

that you murdered

last night

with the help of

that doctor and her staff

I cried

I screamed

I begged

but nobody

heard my screams

then I went dead

after the poison was instilled

into the womb

where I was growing


you, mom

you, dad

you, granny

made all the arrangements

for my murder

after sonography

you were in so much of the hurry

to get rid of me

that you did not even

discussed the matter

I began shivering in dark

in utero

when I felt the desicion of

your eyes

your heart

your mind

to detach my soul

from my growing body

and send me to the world unknown

heaven or hell

you were not bothered about

you all felt peaceful

after I was

withdrawn dead

into pieces

everyone confirmed my body

to be of a female

which was then thrown into the wastebin

I am still lying in the bin

waiting for the van

that collects the bio-medical waste

and carries it upto the incinerator

Kindly convey my heartiest thanks

to the driver who carries the van

to the people who are working on incinerator

for performing my last rites

Mom, I am gone now

Dad, I am gone now

Granny, I am gone now

I know

I do not belong to you, now


ofcourse, you still belong to me

untill my body parts perish

so I request you to fulfill my last desire

be there at the incinerator

until my cremation

so that I may travel peacefully

to God's place

and make him understand

please don't send female babies

in the womb of those moms or the families

for whom

they are unwanted

please don't

subject your babies

to the pain of murder

only because they are females

please understand, God

It is easier for them

to murder

their daughters

than to

murder the social evils

evil traditions

that make the girl child


EVERYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO WISH MY DEPARTED SOUL TO REST IN PEACE is invited at the incinerator that disposes off bio-medical waste.




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