Mar 12, 2009  Ivan

The Ban on Stem Cell Research Lifted


By now everyone likely already heard about this one, but I did not have the time to post this until now :). Ever since ex-president Bush signed into law a ban on the use of federal money to fund stem cell research, the brightest minds in the world that used to work here in the US left for other countries to continue working on arguably one of the most promising fields of research in the history of our civilization: stem cells. Of course the story is not completely one sided: many bright scientists stayed and obtained private sources of funding to develop alternative ways of obtaining stem cells. Thanks to this, we now understand stem cells better and are even able to obtain them from adult stem cells (a great advantage to develop genetic therapies for genetic diseases). No matter how you slice it though, lifting the ban is great for stem cell research. This will very likely reduce the time it will take before stem cells start being used on a routine bases for therapeutic purposes. 

For information on this executive order signed on Monday, here is a link to the White House.

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Shampa said:

This is surely going to expedite researches in this field and throw light in the unknown avenues of the use of stem cell therapy for treating cancers,various neurodegenerative disorders and
lots more.

Posted on Mar 16, 2009 02:03 AM

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