Stem Cell Research - Aug 29th -31st 2005

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Stem Cell Research - Aug 29th -31st 2005

Rapid progress in stem cell research has captured the attention of both the public and biotechnology/pharmaceutical sectors and has great potential for the advancement of medical science. As with all new basic scientific and technological knowledge, careful and rigorous examination of the science of stem cell biology is required before unwise applications of stem cell therapy be used. One fundamental question being asked in this field is "what is stemness - how is it maintained and how is differentiation initiated or triggered?" Understanding the complexity of such signaling pathways is critical to advancing the use of these cells for drug discovery and development as well as other therapeutic applications. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Inaugural Stem Cell Research addresses two emerging themes in this field: a fundamental understanding of stem cell biology and a view toward drug and therapeutic development.

Aug 29th -31st 2005 University Park Hotel@MIT, Cambridge, MA


Dr. Sheng Ding, Assistant
Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Cell
Biology, Genomics
Institute of the Novartis
Research Foundation,
Scripps Research Institute

Dr. George Q. Daley,
Associate Professor of
Pediatrics, Children's
Hospital, Boston

Dr. Ihor Lemischka,
Professor, Department of
Molecular Biology,
Princeton University

Scientific Advisors
Dr. Timothy E. Allsopp, Stem Cell Sciences Ltd.
Dr. John D. McNeish, Pfizer Global R&D
Mr. David Smith, Pepper Hamilton, LLP

For more information, please contact, fax or e-mail submissions to: Mary Ann Brown, Senior Conference Director, Cambridge Healthtech Institute
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