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Infotech for Pharma & Biotech

Infotech for Pharma & Biotech
12 - 15 March 2007, Novotel London West, UK

As the amount of data being generated in your organisation increases at an explosive rate, it is imperative that this data is turned into re-usable knowledge that can be easily stored, analysed and accessed by all key decision-makers from across your organisation, regardless of job title, silo or department.

InfoTech for Pharma & Biotech will allow you to evaluate scientific approaches to address existing and future informatics challenges encountered in your daily role. You will go back to your organisation with the tools and strategic tactics to create a seamless interface between drug discovery and informatics to enhance your research and development process.

With case studies from Roche, AstraZeneca, Nestle, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, plus many more, InfoTech for Pharma & Biotech will reveal to you which initiatives in informatics have been used successfully to promote R&D and which have failed when put to the test in the pharma and biotech industry.

* The maturing application of Service Oriented Architecture at
Serono and discussion on Is IT Service Management an
emerging subset of SOA?
* A progress report on the status of the current Electronic
Laboratory Notebook market, what and how Organon has
succeeded in the domain of eNotebooks, as well as an
indication of what comes next
* How did Cambridge Antibody Technology build an
integrated database to support the automation of the
antibody discovery process and has this sped up the
discovery process?
* Novartis will deliver realistic solutions as to how you can
deal with the continued explosion in the amount of data and
information and move to a knowledge enabled
* How is Roche tackling the challenges for automated image
analysis, storage and archiving as well as secondary data
analysis and data mining?
* Explore the growing field of data connectivity and
visualisation and discover the techniques used by Johnson
and Johnson


* Hear how Biovertis have been implementing an internal
information system in their small biotech company over the
past 3 years and how they have overcome the challenges
of limited resources as well as adapting to a quickly
changing environment
* Hear Wyeth talk about their Translational Medicine Research
Centre in Scotland; what are the aims and goals of this
centre and is it facilitating innovation? What is the Wyeth
translational medicine informatic infrastructure?
* Get first hand information on Lundbecks design on an
integrated biomarker programme for early CNS
* Systems biology is once again becoming the buzz word and
its methodologies have a growing place in drug discovery
and development. Systems biology approaches can enable
the integration of data into a dynamic computer model that
can simulate human outcomes hear cutting edge
examples from Entelos and hear how Solvay is currently
pushing systems biology
* Pfizer will present the global mapping of pharmacological
space by the integration of several vast sources of
medicinal chemistry structure-activity relationships (SAR)
* How is Roche tackling the challenges for automated image
analysis, storage and archiving as well as secondary data
analysis and data mining?
* How has bioinformatics been used to support the
development of the new HIV drug Maraviroc at Pfizer?

Addressing the Key Industry Issues:

* Is the promise of translational medicine really delivering?
* How are translational medicine biomarkers impacting
* Are there practical examples and proven results of Systems

InfoTech for Pharma & Biotech will present the latest results in the field of technologies for Translational Medicine, now one of the fastest growing areas of drug discovery and development today.

Spanning 2 days, with 2 tracks each day, and co-located with Drug Discovery Technology, this is one event that you cannot afford to miss...

ACCESS all tracks for one price * HEAR from over 40 technology & scientific presentations * NETWORK with over 500 participants and thought-leaders at the exhibition and networking dinner * CHOOSE the conference sessions meet your business needs * TAKE YOUR PICK from a choice of 4 interactive pre and post conference workshops * DISCOVER what's new in an exhibition hall packed with new technologies and business contacts

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