IIR's Hydrolysis and the Stabilization of Pharmaceuticals

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IIR's Hydrolysis and the Stabilization of Pharmaceuticals

The Institute for International Research is delighted to organize the premier conference bringing together formulation, analytical science and packaging professionals to discuss best practices to prevent and deal with hydrolytic reactions. Although hydrolysis is often seen as the most simple of the potential degradative pathways, that does not mean it is any less threatening to the stability of your product. Those working with water in pharmaceuticals know any amount of water, no matter how infinitesimal, can react with your drug product. Unforeseen humidity, climate, and shipping conditions put a stress on a compound beyond the normal standards. The mission of this program is to define knowledge gaps, learn about predictive models, and to provide solutions to produce a better drug product.

Designed for scientists in the following industries: OTC, generics, nutraceuticals, software companies, packaging, film coating, and desiccant providers.

Please visit www.iirusa.com/hydrolysis for more information and to register.