Opening For Associate Pharmacovigilance Scientist : Cambridge

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Amar Annamalai
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Opening For Associate Pharmacovigilance Scientist : Cambridge

 Working with the Global Safety Physician (GSP), and other PS colleagues, contributes to the Clinical Safety strategy for assigned AstraZeneca-MedImmune drug projects and products throughout all stages of development and/or when on the market, including supporting the implementation and communication of the strategy at the project team/governance level.
Identify opportunities for, or the need to, enhance existing processes through their knowledge of internal and external environment.
Contribute toward aspects of the scientific elements of pro-active safety evaluation and risk management for AZ/MedI products in the clinical development, submission and/or the post-marketing setting .
In conjunction with the GSP, proactively evaluates the clinical implications of safety data from pre-clinical studies, clinical studies, literature and other information sources in order to predict / establish the safety profile of compounds in clinical development, including employing expert groups and methodologies such as Safety Knowledge Groups (SKGs), Safety Science, Informatics expertise, modelling and simulation to manage the risk to patients.
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