Amgen: Manufacturing Process Technician

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Amgen: Manufacturing Process Technician

Title: Manufacturing Process Technician
Department: 20001189-AWA Cell Culture Facility - Ope
Location: Bothell, WA
Job ID: amge-00024942
Basic Qualifications:
1 - 5 years experience working in a GMP or GLP environment
Biology/Life Sciences degree, or completion of some college level classes in Biology/Life Sciences.

Job Summary:
The Manufacturing Process Technician will perform support functions for Cell Culture and Purification groups in a cGMP clinical manufacturing environment with limited supervision. Duties to include, creating and revising written procedures; cleaning and autoclaving small parts; glassware assembly; pre-weigh of raw materials used in media preparation; media compounding; handling and transfer of in-process samples; monitoring transfer of raw materials between warehouse and production suites; performing preventive maintenance on valves and other equipment; assisting with Validation activities; maintaining stock levels of lab supplies.