validation study of chloroxylenol?

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validation study of chloroxylenol?


Has anyone done a validation or an HPLC study of degradation of chloroxylenol? In particular, what's the best way to accelerate degradation? oxidation? acid hydrolysis?

We've been trying to analyze chloroxylenol in our product, but I think our excipients are interfering with our results. We are using RP HPLC with a C18 column and getting a peak with a shoulder. Any thoughts? We are going to try a gradient of water/methanol. Think that will work?

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This might have some relavent

This might have some relavent info:
J Pharm Biomed Anal. 1997 Nov;16(3):405-12. HPLC-fluorescence determination of chlorocresol and chloroxylenol in pharmaceuticals. Here is a link to the abstract