Performance Qualification (PQ) of Laboratory Glassware Washer

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Performance Qualification (PQ) of Laboratory Glassware Washer

Our laboratory recently placed into service a new glassware washer. We performed the IQ and OQ (having purchased the documentation from the equipment manufacture), but have struggled with arriving at a protocol for the PQ.

In general, it seems that most labs have avoided placing acceptance criteria on the cleanliness of their glassware, deferring to no visible contamination as being their guideline.

The equipment manufacture suggested developing an HPLC method to test for residual detergent (components), but we would like to avoid new method development if possible.

I would be interested to know if anyone has executed a PQ testing for conductivity, TOC or other parameters.

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We will be in a position to provide a solution for PQ on your laboratory glass washer using our light induce fluorescence PX2 photometer.
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